PhotoTools Free

PhotoTools Free 2.5.5

You can add a professional look to your photos with just a few clicks
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With the PhotoTools Free plugin for Adobe Photoshop, you can add a professional look to your photos with just a few clicks.

Main Features:

- Designed by photographers for photographers, PhotoTools Free includes 26 effects to make your photos look better instantly.

- PhotoTools Free gives you the masking controls from the Pro version for free! You get the ability to selectively apply each effect in the PhotoTools stack. Users can use the new Masking Brush to selectively apply each effect to the image, just like using a layer mask in Photosop to hide or reveal the effect in specific areas of the image. The Masking Brush even supports pressure-sensitive Wacom tablets for the ultimate control.

- The real power of PhotoTools Free is its ability to stack multiple effects, just like using multiple camera lens filters. You can stack up to 16 effects on top of each other, creating your own unique look. You have complete control over the strength of each effect and can seamlessly blend them together, just like adjusting opacity in Photoshop. By stacking and combining effects, you can create an endless variety of custom effects and corrections.

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